Present:               Terry Collins (Chairman)


Committee Members:    Mavis Collins (Treasurer), Grayham Goll

(Programme Secretary), Shirley Sadler, Lin Biffen, Phil King, Mike Merry

 and Brenda Goll.


                              Plus  37  Members.



1.            Welcome Address:


The Chairman welcomed all present to the 35th Annual General Meeting and thanked everyone for their attendance and continued support.  He paid a particular welcome to new Members and, in order that they would know whom to contact for information in the future, introduced all the Members of the Committee to the audience.   



Apologies:          Apologies for absence were received from Barbara Meetens, Richard Noble,

Rita West, June Cameron, Pat Stopps, Pat Powis, Janine Powis, Ron Dobson and Margaret Milne.



2.            Minutes Of The Previous Annual General Meeting Held On 25th October, 2014


The Minutes were circulated, approved as a true record of the meeting and signed.



3.            Approval of Minutes


                              Proposed By:                    Brenda Thompson

                              Seconded By:                    Mary Hite


4.            Matters Arising


There were no matters arising.

5.            Chairman’s Address / Report   (For more detailed report see the

Chairman’s Letter dated 1st October 2015)  and Reports From Committee Members


The Chairman said that once again he was extremely impressed with the progress of the Art Group and, in particular, with the consistently high standard of work being produced by Members and the level of teamwork evident at various functions throughout the year. 


Terry reported that there had been lots of high and low periods through the year.   On the downside; unfortunately, three Members had died during the period, i.e. Joan Pauling, Tony Richardson and Jean Reynolds and four Members had lost spouses.  In addition, due to inclement weather, the Group had lost three exhibition days on the seafront. 


On the upside; the FAG had, however, received unprecedented invitations from other local groups to join in events, thereby proving a rise in the Group public profile.  As a consequence, Felpham Art Group added two exhibitions to the Programme during the year.  In June, the Group had held a rewarding and enjoyable exhibition at the St Mary’s Centre in conjunction with the Felpham Open Gardens Weekend.  On 5th July the Group held a very successful exhibition in a marquee at Felpham Sailing Club, which turned out to be a partial compensation for the later Seafront Exhibitions lost to bad weather.  The Group were also represented at the Manor Gardens Annual Fete held on 11th July.  Following this on 1st August the Group had a stall at the Bognor Hospital Fete


More recently the FAG had been invited to take part in the Gateway Project introduced by Felpham Parish Council to design signs in the locality bearing the essence of the area.  Following preliminary sketches, five artists from the Group had been selected to put work forward for consideration.


Exhibitions at Arundel – Norfolk Centre  -  The Chairman reported that once again the Exhibitions had been extremely successful and that there were still a large number of members of the public visiting the FAG exhibitions throughout the year who had made many complimentary comments about the presentation and standard of the Group’s work.  One such visit was made by a young lady from Japan who had insisted on adding a note in the FAG visitors’ book.  The Annual Exhibition and the Awards at the Norfolk Centre proved to be a record-breaking success both in terms of the number of exhibitors, which reached 50, and the number of paintings sold.  The number of paintings displayed over the period was 1,288 of which 175 had been sold.  The Spring Exhibition had not been so successful but was still quite good.  There had been 288 entries from 50 artists of which 54 paintings were sold.


Seafront Exhibitions  -  The Chairman said that 9th August was the only day the Group were able to hold a seafront exhibition due to the weather.  The number of paintings shown was 135, the number of artists 20 and the number of pictures sold was 20.  Jo Smith had kindly allowed the Group to use her beach hut to store the boards throughout the summer period which had made the transportation and erection of boards very much easier than previous years.  At this point in the proceedings, a small token of appreciation was presented to Member, Jo Smith, in gratitude of her generosity.


Open Gardens – The Chairman was pleased to report that the number of paintings shown was 135 by 28 artists of which 26 paintings had been sold.  Terry said that unfortunately the Society would probably not be able to take part in this event in 2016 as the Felpham Open Gardens Weekend is a biennial event only, but it had been a blessing during 2015.




Felpham Art Group Programme 2013  - The Chairman said that thanks should go to Grayham for producing a very interesting, varied and successful programme.  There had been two occasions during the year when Grayham had fortunately managed to arrange artists to fill gaps in the programme at the last minute.


Demonstrations - The Chairman reported that all the workshops this year had been most enjoyable, but drew particular attention to Roy Lang who entertained with a fantastic seascape in oils and Penny Wilton for her amazing abstract combinations.  Terry also mentioned Marcus Finch who, because of his speed with acrylic, had painted an entire picture in 1.1/2 hours only.  Heather Jolliffe had also been very interesting.


Workshops - The Chairman said he thought that the workshops had all been very successful and that Members had been working very hard and producing some wonderful work.  Marcus Finch had conducted one such notable workshop which had been greatly appreciated by the Members in attendance.


Website - With regard to the Website managed by Richard Noble, the Chairman reported that it was now possible to put the Annual Programme on the site for information purposes.  The Website had also proven to be a point of contact for members of the public. In fact, the website had already generated enquiries from possible new members.


Please note:   All the above items are covered in more detail in Terry’s letter/email dated 1st October 2015.


6.            Officers and Committee


The Chairman drew attention to everyone who had helped with the running of the Society.  There were several husband and wife teams who turned up and helped, including Joan and John Mayger who had prepared and served superb refreshments at various events throughout the year.  The Committee could not cope with all the exhibitions throughout the year without the assistance of all the volunteers.  Terry added that the Committee were particularly grateful to those Members who had volunteered to be Stewards at various events.


The Chairman said that in line with the Constitution, two Committee Members were required to seek re-election each year.  This year it was the turn of himself and Mavis, who held the positions of Chairman and Treasurer and Membership Secretary respectively.  Both were willing to stand again.  None of the Members present came forward to accept responsibility for either of these posts and Grayham was pleased to confirm that both Terry and Mavis would continue in these positions.



Re-Appointment of Terry Collins as Chairman


               Proposed:           Jane Pesterfield

               Seconded:          Janette Clarke



Re-Appointment of Mavis Collins as Treasurer and Membership Secretary


               Proposed:           Peter Whitton

               Seconded:          Jean Slater


The Chairman told the assembly that Phil King had been employed on the Committee as Official Photographer, and that Mike Merry had also joined the Committee and acted as a very able Steward at all exhibitions during the last year.  Under the circumstances, Terry asked for these positions to be officially endorsed by the floor.


               Appointment of Phil King as Committee Member


               Proposed:           Jo Smith

               Seconded:          Hilary Reilly


               Appointment of Mike Merry as Committee Member


               Proposed:           Brenda Thompson

               Seconded:          Jane Pesterfield


The Chairman then thanked all the Committee Members for their help and support during the past




7.            Honorary Treasurer’s Report  (Please see Financial Sheets attached)


The Treasurer reported that, despite rising costs, the FAG had managed to cover the outgoings and were doing well.  Mavis referred to her overhead display which showed that prices had risen by 5% over the last year.


Assets at the end of the year were Cash in the bank £3,449, the Cash In Hand was £103 and the HSBC Investment Account stood at £3,099.  Overall, the income for the Society was £174 down on previous years.


 Mavis also advised the Membership that the FAG had continued making a small donation of £50 following each exhibition held at Norfolk Centre in Arundel to Friends of Bognor Hospitals.




The Treasurer confirmed that several purchases of equipment had been made during the year i.e. mike, portable screen, new signage and a ‘teardrop’ vertical banner.  The introduction of the use of the card machine to enable more members of the public to purchase paintings, had proven very successful.  The Treasurer had found that the system did make extra work, but had the desired effect on sales.   Mavis confirmed that up to 75% of sales had been conducted via the use of the card machine and believed that this system should be continued for the foreseeable future.


Comparison with previous years:  The sales had risen but outgoings had also increased during 2015.  The demonstrators had put up their fees and the cost of hiring Norfolk Centre had increased in the current year by 60% for Autumn and Spring, and 100% for the Summer Exhibition.  However, the Membership funds and Workshop Fees were increased last year in anticipation of this.


Mavis advised the floor that the Chairman did all of the copying himself to reduce costs and was also extremely careful about postal charges.  Ninety-Six (96) Members were now issued information via email which saved 50p for each Member.


Bognor Hospital – The FAG donated £50 for every exhibition where refreshments had been sold to the Bognor Hospital Fund.

Norfolk Centre – The cost of hire of the hall had already risen to £150 and would be increased to £165 per day in 2016.


The Treasurer referred the audience to the accounts sheets and to the charges and expenses which had been incurred during the year.


Workshops – The cost of workshops had already been increased to £15 during the current year and would possibly be increased again in the 2016-2017 period.


Exhibitions - The hanging fees would be increased to £2 for framed and £1 for unframed from the beginning of 2016.


In conclusion, the Treasurer reported that FAG finance looked reasonably healthy this year and that she was not proposing any further increases at present.  It was, however, important to await the effect of previous increases.


The Treasurer was pleased to confirm that the Accounts had been audited and accepted by the Auditor, John Thompson.


Mavis asked the floor if there were any questions concerning the accounts.  There were none.



8.            Adoption of the Annual Accounts


The Annual Accounts, which had been audited by John Thompson, were formally adopted.


                              Proposed By:                    Jill Buckingham

                              Seconded By:                    Sandra Ham


Mavis said that John had been a tremendous support throughout the year and presented him with a small token of gratitude.



9.            Appointment of Honorary Auditor


Mavis thanked the Auditor, John Thompson, who proposed to stand as Honorary Auditor for a further year.


                              Proposed By:                    Roger Billington

                              Seconded By:                    Hilary Reilly



10.         Membership Secretary’s Report


Mavis said that unusually for this time of year, the Membership Numbers were static.  Mavis also confirmed that there were 8 resignations, 9 lapsed Memberships and 14 new Members.  Mavis informed the Meeting that there had been 18 new Members and possibly more to come in 2016.  There were 14 resignations and, unfortunately, 3 Members had died during the period. The Membership, therefore, was as follows:




                              Membership To Date As Follows:


                              Eighty-Eight (88)                                            Full Members

                              Twenty-Seven (27)                                        Associate Members

                              One (1)                                                             Life Members

                              Five (4)                                                             Honorary Members



                              One Hundred and Twenty (120)                Total Membership



The Chairman stressed how grateful he and the Committee were to Mavis who had taken on two very labour intensive roles and worked extremely hard for the Art Group.


11.         Programme Secretary’s Report


Grayham outlined the demonstrations and workshops which had already been organised for 2016.  He particularly drew attention to the forthcoming visit of the very popular artist, Anthony Slinn, who was due to give a talk in January.  Later in January the well known artist, William Newton, would be giving a demonstration using watercolours.  William would also be returning later in the year to hold a workshop.  Grayham was pleased to report that the artist, Max Hale, would be taking a demonstration on portrait painting in February.   Popular and respected Member, Brenda Thompson, had kindly agreed to hold an afternoon workshop using acrylic sponge techniques later in February.  In March the watercolour artist, Phil Parks, would give a demonstration and would return for a workshop in September.  Also in March, Marcus Finch would conduct an afternoon workshop on life drawing.  Marcus would be returning in April to take a critique.  The artist, David White, who had previously visited Felpham Art Group would be returning later in April to give a study on cats and dogs.  In May Group Member, Hilary Frame, had agreed to give a full-day workshop.  Later in the month, the artist, Paul Alcock, would be giving a still life in oils demonstration.  In the month of June, Rebecca de Mendoca would be returning to give a demonstration on Exmoor Ponies in Pastels.  Following in this month, Steven Cheeseman would be giving a demonstration using QoR watercolours on the subject of ‘cyclists’.  September would commence with a workshop given by Phil Biggs, next would be Terry Harrison giving a demonstration on Seascapes followed by Terry’s partner, Fiona Peart, in October. William Newton would be revisiting in October to give the above mentioned workshop which would be followed by another visit from the artist, Ronnie Ireland, to give a talk on ‘Old Masters’.  Finally, in November there would be a workshop given by Stephen Foster.


The Chairman thanked Grayham once again for all his endeavours in producing a very interesting programme for the year ahead.


9.            Publicity Secretary’s Report


Lyn advised the assembly that the Felpham Art Group did not pay for the space used for advertising as it was freely given by local publications such as  ‘In Focus’ and ‘The Bognor Observer’.  Lyn then confirmed that she had been introduced to the new contact at the ‘Observer’ following the departure of two other contacts earlier in the year.  Lyn added that to put up the many posters concerning exhibitions and other events throughout the year took much time, and asked whether any Members would be interested in assisting in this particular task.  If so, they could download the relevant information from the website.    Lyn also confirmed that she posted details of the programme on as many Websites as possible at the beginning of the year in the hope that they would advertise the event at the appropriate time.


The Chairman thanked Lyn for her efforts throughout the year.



Bognor Hospital Liaison Secretary’s Report


Shirley was pleased to report to the Membership that it had been a fantastic year at the Hospital, even better than the previous year.  Shirley confirmed that there were 25 paintings displayed at all times.  Last year, the Group had sold 16 pictures and were able to donate £115 to the Hospital Fund.  Shirley was pleased to report that during the current year, the FAG had sold 19 pictures.  Following these sales a total of £129 had been given to the Hospital Fund which, added to the donation of £150 made by the Society, made a grand total of £279.  Shirley also advised the Members that the old paintings were taken down and replaced with new pictures about every three months throughout the year.


12.         Any Other Business


Jill Buckingham, Member, complained that demonstrations sometimes were too short.  Terry explained that it was not always possible for the Committee to control these events being given by a

visiting artist.  He also explained that it was necessary for the hall to be cleared and cleaned by 4.30 pm to enable any other events at the hall to continue.


Grayham requested the Chairman mention the possibility of a Christmas Social to the Membership.  Terry thanked Grayham for his reminder then advised the audience that there had been 50 Members present last year and that the event had proven very successful.  Under the circumstances, the Committee were planning a similar social this year and hoped that even more Members would attend.


The Chairman once again expressed his pride and pleasure in respect of the standard of work produced by Members together with the congenial atmosphere within the Society during 2015, and hoped that standards would go from strength to strength throughout the coming year.


Mary Hite, on behalf of the Members, thanked Terry and the Committee for all their hard work during the year.


Terry closed the meeting at 3.10 pm.  This was followed by tea and the presentation of awards.



Note:  These Minutes to be read in conjunction with the Chairman’s Report covering reviews of the year, the Committee and the way forward.  This was distributed to all Members and dated 1st October 2015.