Felpham Art Group


Lady Caroline Marshall




Dear Member,





As in previous years, I am writing to you in advance of our Annual General Meeting to ensure that all our members are appraised of the Group’s progress year by year.


The overall aim of Felpham Art Group remains the same, as it has always been, to inspire, encourage, and support our members and give them opportunities to display their art.


This letter covers the following topics: Review of the year, Our Committee, and the Way Forward.




Overall it has been another successful and highly enjoyable year for Felpham Art Group. It has been a year marked by


  • Active Community Involvement;


  • Paintings of a consistently high standard;


  • Good teamwork.




This year has seen an unprecedented number of invitations from other Local Community groups for Felpham Art Group to exhibit at their events. I think that these invitations are a good indicator of how well we are all regarded locally and the high standard of our artwork.


As a consequence, Felpham Art Group added two exhibitions to our programme this year:-


  1. In June, we held an exhibition at the St Mary’s Centre in conjunction with The Felpham Open Gardens Weekend. It was well-attended, very enjoyable, and proved successful in terms of sales and income.

  2. In July, we held an exhibition in a large marquee at Felpham Sailing Club. This exhibition was also a success and turned out to be a partial compensation for the later Sea Front exhibitions lost to bad weather.


In addition to the above, Felpham Art Group was also represented at The Conservation Society’s Annual Fete on 11th July and similarly at The Bognor Hospital Annual Fete on 1st August.


All these events were enjoyed and appreciated by all of our members who took part and also by our visitors and joint-organisers. We will certainly take such opportunities again if invited in the future.


In addition to the exhibitions above, Felpham Parish Council has requested our involvement in their Gateway Project, the aim of which is to design 2/3 road signs for the locality which capture the essence of Felpham.A dozen or so of our members have expressed interest and will complete their artworks by the New Year when the Parish Council will decide which will become signs.


As regards the Group’s programmed events over the year, I hope I have captured the most salient points below:-



  • Exhibitions


Again high on the list of our successes were our Exhibitions. We more than covered our costs at each of them. Overall we exhibited a grand total of 1288 paintings and sold a highly creditable 175. We were visited by literally hundreds of people. Even if not buying, most visitors were extremely complimentary about the standard and range of our paintings. Well done to all contributors! Equally, well done to all the stewards and kitchen staff for their contribution – it was a real team effort!


Our Annual Exhibition and Awards at the Norfolk Centre, Arundel, proved to be a record-breaking success both in terms of number of exhibitors, which reached 50 and the number of paintings sold. We were undoubtedly helped

by being given a booking at the beginning of The Arundel Festival.. Despite the poor weather conditions we attracted a number of the visitors who were there for the many Festival activities. We were given the favourable booking by rota and we will not be so lucky in the immediate future until our turn comes around again.


Unfortunately, it was a sad year for our Sea Front Exhibitions. In a typical English summer of changeable weather, we unluckily lost three of our four Sundays to bad weather. Nevertheless, the one exhibition which we did manage was very successful. We hope for better luck with the weather next year.


Many many thanks go to our member, Jo Smith, who saved us a lot of physical effort and financial costs by allowing us to store our display boards in her beach hut. Had the weather been kinder the savings would have been even more substantial.


It is also well to remember that we have a continuous exhibition of 25 paintings at the Bognor Regis Memorial Hospital. Under the excellent guidance of Shirley Sadler, there are now quarterly changeovers of the paintings thus enabling all members to exhibit if they wish to. There are regular sales throughout the year benefitting both the artists and The Friends of Bognor Hospital, which is the Group’s adopted charity. I do know how much our paintings are appreciated by both staff, patients, and visitors.



  • Demonstrations and Talks


With regard to the rest of the programme, centred on The Village Hall. Thanks to Grayham, we did not lose a single event last year. Whilst two demonstrators had to pull out for various family reasons, Grayham was able to find immediate replacements.

The programme proved to be wonderfully diverse, ranging across different media, varying styles, and various topics. The following are some of my highlights for the year:

  • We were enthralled by Anthony Slim’s informative and entertaining talk on The Impressionists

  • Marcus Finch brought us landscapes with acrylics using bold colour combinations;

  • Penny Wilton introduced her abstract art using a variety of media and household objects (I still feel guilty throwing away any tissue or egg shells );

  • Colin Brown gave us a vibrant street scene in acrylics;

  • John Hill provided a constructive and uplifting critique on members’ paintings which was greatly appreciated by all.

  • Roy Lang entertained us with a fantastic seascape in oils. His

characteristic Cornish humour blended well with his technical


  • Charlie Evans brought us a highly enjoyable and entertaining afternoon, completing two water colours in the process.


  • Workshops


This year’s whole-day workshops were very well received. I think members who attended were pleased to have a whole day to develop and produce a painting… and what terrific paintings they produced!. During these workshops, we had a lot of fun and inspiration from a range of visiting artists.


We all thoroughly enjoyed Marcus Finch, Ronnie Ireland and our own Hilary Frame . All these artists brought their own expertise and styles, and all proved to be great teachers and facilitators.


We provided lunch at these events, or more correctly, Joan and John Mayger, prepared and provided our lunch. We are extremely grateful to Joan and John for all their consistent support. The lunches received ‘rave reviews’ from all concerned.





  • The Annual Social and Lunch

Because our Annual Social Lunches were poorly attended we surveyed the membership for ideas. From the majority of suggestions received, we decided to hold a very informal party in the Felpham Village Hall. The Social Event turned out to be a great success. Snack refreshments, a raffle, quizzes, and a sing-song ,all added to a very enjoyable afternoon. The event was attended by some 50 members as well as their partners. Whilst not forgetting those who would like a more formal occasion, we would be remiss if we did not repeat this event this year.



Since the last AGM, our website has progressed well under the management of Richard Noble, to whom we are extremely grateful. As you know, our website provides details of our programme, and also provides a first contact point for many membership enquiries. Our website address has now been incorporated on our new signage for exhibitions. Take a look at it and tell us what you think.


Well done Richard!






In line with our constitution, two Committee Members must stand down each year and may seek re-election if they wish to. This year, it is Mavis and I whose turn it is to step down. We are both willing to stand again.

I am proud to continue as your Chairman and I will always do my best to provide all members with a happy and inspiring platform upon which to enjoy their art.


As you know, Mavis is our Treasurer and acting Membership Secretary and, natural bias permitting, I applaud her fantastic dedication and hard work on behalf of the Group. She is an asset to the Group in so many ways and also a terrific support to me.


The remaining Committee Members are all prepared to carry on in their existing roles.

Grayham Goll continues as my deputy and programme secretary, a role in which he has excelled, providing a range of interesting and diverse events throughout the year. He also contributes to the good running of the Group in numerous ways.

Brenda Goll continues as our Membership Secretary but also provides tremendous support to Mavis at all events in the administration and financial aspects of the Group.

Lin Biffen handles publicity very effectively as well as giving great support at all our exhibitions.

Shirley Sadler is our Bognor Hospital Liaison, and is also a terrific help at all our exhibitions.

Two additional members have joined the Committee this year, namely Phil King and Mike Merry. Phil works hard for Group especially in setting and taking-down exhibitions. He is also the Group’s photographer which means that he is a regular attendee at all our events. Mike has helped a great deal, particularly at exhibitions where he is a very good example of an engaging and attentive steward.


I also acknowledge that there are a growing number of members who make important contributions to the running of the Group and freely help at our events.

My heartfelt thanks to you all.


Last, but not least, I am especially grateful to Joan Mayger who manages all our catering arrangements - we certainly could not function without her. She is a terrific asset to us all.


THE WAY FORWARD - Looking to the coming year


Below I have summarised some of the issues to which attention will be given in the coming year.


  • We will continue to develop the website.

  • We will continue to develop our publicity and fundraising

  • We continue to develop our programme to meet Members’ preferences.

I hope you will see a number of examples in the forthcoming programme where we have responded to feedback or events that have gone well.

  • We will respond positively to all invitations from local organisations for joint events or support.







At the end of another very enjoyable and successful year, it is my wish that

you all continue to enjoy your Art and that your appreciation of Art is enhanced by your membership of Felpham Art Group.


To those ends the Committee and I will do our utmost. I look forward to sharing another exciting and challenging year with you all.


With very best wishes,


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