About us and what we do....

The overall aim of Felpham Art Group is to inspire, encourage, and support our members, and to give them opportunities to display their art.

We are a friendly, welcoming group with a range of talents and interests. Our annual programme of events aims to reflect our diversity and to be both instructional and enjoyable. The Committee seeks regular feedback from its members and plans each year's activities in accord with members' wishes as far as possible.

The Group is fortunate to have some experienced art tutors, amongst its membership, who run classes independent of the Group, for those who wish to have extra tuition. In addition, Felpham Art Group is a member of the Society for All Artists and as such benefits from membership prices for a wonderful range of art materials and instructional aids.
Group meetings involving demonstrations and/or workshops
, are generally held twice monthly in the Felpham Village Memorial Hall, Vicarage Lane, Felpham, PO22 7DZ. We attract a number of talented artists from the South, to act as our demonstrators or workshop tutors. Through the course of a typical year, we have a variety of presentations, not only in terms of style and subjects, but also in terms of media, ranging across oils, acrylics, pastels, and water colours. Whilst most members do have their preferences, the Committee endeavours to include all kinds of media and different styles so that everyone has the opportunity to broaden their horizon and learn new skills.

The Group holds several exhibitions throughout the year. This year, for example, t
here are three-day exhibitions in the spring and autumn in Arundel, four one-day exhibitions along the seafront at Felpham on two Sundays in both July and August. Our main event is a five-day exhibition in Arundel in June, when awards are presented for the best pictures in all the main media categories. In addition, some members display their pictures throughout the year in Bognor Hospital, in support of The Friends of Bognor Hospital.

Are you interested in joining us?

If you would like to join us our Membership Secretary will be pleased to assist you and provide answers to any questions you may have.

All new members start as an ASSOCIATE MEMBER (current fee is £18 per year). As an Associate Member you can join in all Group activities. The only thing that you cannot do until becoming a FULL MEMBER is exhibit your art at a Felpham Art Group Exhibition. The current fee for FULL MEMBERSHIP is £25 per year, renewable on the 1st October each year.
To become a FULL member the applicant must satisfy the Committee that he or she has reached a good standard of art work and presentation by bringing 3 examples of their framed pictures for the Committee's assessment. By doing this we hope to maintain the existing high quality of art that we display at our exhibitions.

Some members, who do not necessarily wish to exhibit their pictures, do stay as Associates and enjoy all other Group activities.

HONORARY (OR LIFE) MEMBERSHIP, who are exempted from fees, are awards that the Committee occasionally confers upon members who have displayed outstanding commitment to Felpham Art Group over a lengthy period of time and who have consistently performed meritorious service.